I think she can name them all; Cinderella, Ariel, Repunzle, Moana…

They catch her attention… but what are they teaching her?

That life turns out exactly the way that you want it to?

That a fairy god mother will make sure that you have everything you need?

That if you are dis-satisfied with your appearance or who you are….change it?

When God gave me daughters (shout out to my girl mamas!!) he also gave me a realization.

Our girls can name every Disney princess… but can they tell you one respectable woman from the Bible?


But be prepared for that gut wrenching guilt that comes from them not knowing the notable women of God.

And really, (being honest here), I didn’t know very many of the women of the Bible either.

We idolize these princesses as little girls and dream to be just as they are.

Are we navigated by societal ideology from the very start?

My five year old dresses up as an ice princess, singing “Let It Go” to the top of her lungs, wishing with every being inside of her that she too had ice powers.

And while I love to watch her play and be imaginative, smiling and twirling in her snow drizzled ball gown, I also have to teach her about REAL women. Women that seemed insignificant but God chose to use because of their faithfulness to him.

So while it is great that Cinderella was the only girl in the village that the glass slipper fit, we serve a God that has a shoe for us all.

While Ariel lost her voice to become someone else, God speaks for us on our behalf and numbered the hairs on our head.

And while Repunzle sat in a tower waiting to be rescued, our GOD sent his SON to sacrifice his life so that we could be FREE.

& see all of their “happily ever afters” had to end, but if you are in Christ there is NO end.

So while we can still enjoy these princess and their stories, let us not neglect to teach our daughters about the women that chose God.

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