The Sabbath isn’t just for Sundays….

This picture was taken on a Saturday- not a Sunday.

This picture was also a moment of Sabbath.

Us “Christian folks” usually say “Remember the sabbath and keep it holy” and we interpret that to mean “go to church on Sundays”.

Sometimes you just have to PAUSE;

the news,

the laundry,

the voices telling you that you aren’t enough,

the busyness,

the constant critiquing of your appearance,

the to do list,

the worries, wonders, and what ifs,

the people that don’t agree with you,

the never ending events on your calendar,

the pile of dishes…

Pause all the things.

And take a minute to REST.

See, when God rested on the seventh day of creation, I do NOT believe he did it because he needed it or because he was tired.

MY GOD does not grow tired.

So then why did HE rest?

Because he knew that we wouldn’t know how to rest.

Because after six days of work, he knew that we would need an example to show us how even the creator of the universe set time aside to just look at all that he had done; to marvel.

I did not intend for this to be a sabbath moment, but it turned into one.

I specifically pray that God will allow me to be intentional about having sabbath moments through out my day.

In this picture we were unpacking box after box from our recent move. I was tired and hadnt even changed out of my pajamas. I was sitting down for a second and the mirror to our dresser was still on the floor from where it hadn’t been put up yet. This little carrot top sat down in my lap and requested (in not so many words) that we pause and have a sabbath moment together. And that is just what we did.

We paused to remember all of the good things in this life.

We paused to create time and space for each other and for the presence of Jesus.

I know that your situation might not look like what you want it to right now.

I know that life might be busy and you might be stretched thin.

I know that there are only 24 short hours in a day.

I know.

But would you just pray that God would allow you to focus in finding sabbath moments?

Would you just stop for a few minutes in the midst of chaos and find something good?

Can you find pockets of time, other than Sundays, that you can be still and know that he is God?

Can you rest like the example that he set before us?

I always joke with my family that “Mommy needs five minutes’.

And in those five minutes, I really mean that I need to have a sabbath moment.

I need to SIT, be still, and rest.

I need to PAUSE, even if just for a few minutes.

Don’t let Sundays rob you of your sabbath moments.

Find your sabbath moments on Monday, and Thursday, and Tuesday, and Saturday, and Wednesday.

Rest child of God.

Pause sister of Christ.

Breathe slowly and slowly breathe.

Take your minute, your. moment, a sabbath.

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