I serve an all-knowing Jesus

Nothing will change my mind about the fact that God knows every detail of our lives.

7 days after we traded our small 4 seater SUV in for a mini van, our five year old daughter broke her tibia bone in her leg.

She not only broke it, but she has to be wheelchair bound for the next six to eight weeks.

When we started looking at vehicles I kept telling my husband, “We just need more room”.

We would have never gotten a wheelchair in our other car.

Are you picking up what I am putting down, sister?

The Lord went before me. He knew this week would bring a broken leg. He knew 7 days ago we would need a vehicle that would comfortably fit a wheel chair. And he set us up!

God doesn’t always prevent bad things from happening, but he does always makes sure that his children are equipped to handle the situation that is coming.

When you make every decision in your life with spiritual consideration, every decision aligns and makes sense with seasons of life that even you didn’t know were coming.

It is not by accident that we bought a mini van last week.

Our all-knowing, loving, heavenly father was wrapping us in his protecting arms and providing provision for what was to come.

He knows your next step before you even take it. And his thoughts towards you are GOOD!!!

Thank you Lord for protecting us weeks in advanced of our next situation.

I pray that my sister reading this gains hope in knowing that you have her life perfectly in the palm of your hands.

Go before her Jesus as she goes after you. We give you the honor , glory, and praise.

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