The Turn

I am standing in praise and worship, hands raised, when the Lord gives me a vision.

Yes, Jesus still works through visions.

I see the hands of a potter wrapped around a mound of clay, turning on a pottery wheel.

I am singing the lyrics “You take what the enemy meant for evil and you turn it for good”.

I ask myself “Why does a pottery wheel turn?”.

Pottery is symbolical, in the Bible but often focuses on the clay it’s self.

My mind and spirit are starved to understand the action of the wheel turning.

The Lord doesn’t reveal to me the meaning of the turning wheel. I know that confusion is not from the Lord, so what does this mean? This turning?

It is many days later before I truly feel that I understand what the Lord is showing me.

I decide that I am a cup. Not a bowl or a vase, but a cup. Bowls and vases are used for holding things, containment. I have been called to pour. Cups are multi purposeful to hold and to pour.

The clay is thrown down. Just as my life has had situations thrown. Forcefully. I find that the word “throwing” derives from an old English word “thrawan”. It means “turn”.

The ball of clay needs to be centered. If not centered, the clay is off balanced creating an uneven and rough piece of pottery. Centering is not a pleasant process. It involves “coning” the clay in an upward position and forcefully pushing it down. The up and down motion is what centers the clay.

Life is like that. Up and down. I think of my own life and the ups and downs that have centered and re-centered me over the years, all the while…turning.

Once centered, the clay is opened up. It is when we are centered in Christ that we can begin to open up.

Now we are ready to be built up. It is through a pushing and a pulling that begins to form the sides.

Life pushes and pulls. Never more than I can handle. The turning , helping to maintain the balance so to not get the clay too thin or too thick.

The hands around the clay control the balance. Jesus places his hands around us as we turn through life. He ensures that we remain balanced.

Pottery does become unbalanced. When we allow the potter to take his hands off of the clay it falters. It is then formed back into its original blob and thrown again.

Eventually the clay dries out and can no longer be used again. It is through the redemption and saving grace of Jesus that we, the metaphorical clay, can always begin again. In Christ we can be made new.

It is in the turning of the wheel that we are centered, balanced, smoothed, and created into who we are supposed to be.

Jesus gave me this vision, this turning of the wheel, because about a year and a half ago I allowed Jesus to take his hands off of me . I was unbalanced and uncentered, I faltered.

I started to allow Jesus to recenter me in him and just as I became established on the wheel again, a very unexpected, life altering event nearly knocked me out. Heartbroken and crushed in spirit, I remained in the hands of my creator. Turning through life, wrapped in his fingers, trying to remain. If I stop turning, I never become the cup that I am supposed to.

With every turn, Jesus is creating a new thing, smoothing away the bumps that hindered me and the rough edges that caused me to lose my self worth. I stand with my hands lifted in surrenderance to him as I sing “You take what the enemy meant for evil and you turn it for good”. I think about how the enemy tried to demolish me and how God kept me

turning on the wheel. In that turning he created the cup that I am today. Jesus fills me and I pour that into others. I pray that one day I will be able to share the life altering event with you in details. For now, it feels like I may need a few more turns on the wheel.

Unlike a traditional pottery wheel that eventually has a finished product, we as children of God should always remain in our potters hands, turning everyday. To be smoothed, balanced, and centered.

Stay on the wheel. Keep allowing your cup to be turned. I promise that in Christ something wonderful is being created. Do not quit on the process.

It may look like just a blob, but with every turn it will begin to look like your purpose again. If you have fallen off the wheel and your turning has halted you can get back on. If you have never been made new in Christ, it is never too late to begin. Life is a journey. It’s not about the climb, it’s about the turns.

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