Why there is hope in education…

I wasn’t the best student. I’m sure I played an instrument in music when I wasn’t supposed to. I’m positive that I got in trouble in gym for not sharing or taking turns. And everybody in the South knows I talked while my teacher was talking, when my teacher wasn’t talking, and any time in between.

In the fourth grade I had a rough go with a teacher. I was diagnosed with ODD (oppositional defiance disorder). I think it was a misdiagnosis- it was a bad year- but none the less, it was there.

I was the kid that didn’t like math. I was the kid that DID respond to extrinsic rewards. I wanted your candy, your ice cream passes, and the junk that was in the treasure box.

My mama would spank me in a minute. We believe in the Bible and she did NOT spare the rod. My parents were on me like white on rice. However, the decision to make good choices each day was up to me.

I’m sure I wasn’t every teachers favorite. They may have looked at me and said “she makes me tired”. 😂

I thank God for the teachers that invested in me. All. Of. Them.

Today I am a hard working, obedient 😉, Jesus loving, mommy and teacher.

I love my kids like they are my own. Because I had teachers that loved me like their own despite my childhood struggles.

I am so blessed and honored that a few of the people that invested in my childhood are also a part of my adulthood, as my co workers.

I can only pray that one day one of my students will sit alongside me in a meeting. One day I will see “Sarah” in a faculty meeting, or “David” at our county opening ceremony.

There. Is. Hope.

“That” student needs us.

Give them a skittle if that’s what they need.

Let them be little. Help them develop their character.

I love my Butts county story.

I love my home grown education and career.

I love the circle of life ❤️

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