“I have two daddy’s”. This one is for the mama who feels inadequate today ❤️

Motherhood is hard.

Yesterday my daughter woke up about 4am pitching the biggest fit I had ever seen for a popsicle and tea.

Of course, she didn’t get it because it’s 4am and we are not starting that habit.

She’s been without her binky for eight days and I’m sure that some of her security and comfort has been taken from her and she is having to rely on other things.

She was inconsolable. “Don’t touch me, don’t cover me up”. My husband gets up, holds her, and she calms down and goes back to sleep. Seriously??

Why couldn’t I do that? Why did she not respond to me? Why is she such a daddy’s girl? Am I failing her as a mom? Can I not give her what she needs?

She’s so blessed to have to two parents in the unity of marriage. I love my husband in many different ways and one of the ways that I love him the most is the way that he is a father to our little girl.

We all got up this morning,despite the exhaustion, and my feelings of inadequacy, (did I tell you she scratched me yesterday too?) and we made it to church- on time I must say. As we are sitting on the pew and people are coming back to greet and say hello, a lady asks Scarlett who brad is. She responds with “my daddy” and then the unexpected “I have two daddy’s”. The lady, her eyes big and round looking at SJ like she has three heads, responds with “you do”.

Me, knowing my child and what I have been teaching her says “that’s right Scarlett tell her who your other daddy is”. SJ proudly says “Jesus is my daddy”. Scarlett knows that she has one daddy that has skin and lives in her house and another that we can only feel and lives in heaven with Aunt Joni.

I am not a perfect mom. I have another little girl coming very soon who will also depend on me to show her the way. The responsibility is great and inadequacy sets in from time to time. She’s not a perfect child. I expect her to have bad days. But I also expect her to be rooted in her faith because she has an example to follow.

Thank you lord for showing me that the small talks I have with Scarlett matter. I pray for the mamas that feel inadequate today in their parenting. I pray that you give them spiritual wisdom in each situation so that they know how to respond in a godly way. God I pray that you are the ultimate leader in our parenting. May you be the one to help us discipline our Children. Let us rely on what your word says about our children- that they are wonderfully made and if we raise them to know you when they are old they will not depart from you. Thank you god for filling our inadequate mama hearts with love and comfort from our loving father. ❤️

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