Where are my 2020 brides at??

So you planned your wedding, and just like all weddings, it isn’t going as planned.

Unfortunately with your wedding it’s a bit more than the hairdresser got sick, the dress was altered wrong, or the photographer was a no show.

Your wedding is during a pandemic. And no one around you can relate. The invitations are already printed, maybe even mailed, the venue already secured… and now, it’s all cancelled.

Can I tell you what’s not cancelled?? Your marriage. And can I tell you how I know??? Because I’ve been married for six years and it was not the wedding that held us together.

I smile when I tell my story; my wedding story.

Six days before we said “I do” we thought our wedding was falling apart. We suddenly had no where to get married, invitations with the location were already printed, and had already been mailed. It seemed impossible to make such a sudden change.

I get it. Trust me.

My husband and I had the most memorable ceremony and I truly can laugh about all of the mishaps. The only two people that mattered to me in that sanctuary that day were me and him and the unity we were signifying.

I had people help me call everyone on the guest list to notify them of the change in location. And you know what? The people that wanted to be there were there. I smile when I look at our wedding invitation with an address on it that was not where we said I do.

The caterer set up somewhere different. The photographer shot a different scenery. The cake still made it, the vows were still the same, and that day we still became one.

The wedding is not why we have been together six years. It’s first and foremost God. Lord knows I’ve prayed through some arguments and heard his voice tell me to humble myself and work things out. It’s secondly the village of people that without hesitation drove somewhere different to witness our unification to one another.

Y’all, my wedding was PERFECT. I wouldn’t change one thing. God had that day destined for us and it took place just as he wanted it to.

Do not get so caught up in the wedding that you forget about the marriage. The church and the church building are different. So is a wedding and a marriage.

It will not be that wedding that prompts you to apologize and make things right. It won’t be the wedding that gets you through the change a new baby brings or post partum depression. It won’t be the wedding.

I knew if we had each other, and we each had the lord that everything else was just extra.

So let COVID-19 steal your original wedding plans. Let things change and fall into place. But don’t let it steal your marriage… because when your little girl looks you in the eye and asks you about your wedding day (no matter what happened) you want to be able to give her a sincere smile and say “baby I coulda married your daddy in a cow pasture and it wouldn’t have mattered- it was the best day of my life”.

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