Home called today.

Home will always be the place where I grew up rather than my current address.

In the past several months, home has changed.

Age has really started to show its face on home.

It isn’t as vibrant and young as it once was.

Sometimes home is confused, unaware, unsure of its own surroundings, and just seemingly lost.

Home has been different.

Home is more dependent on me now than I am on it.

Home needs me now.

Home fed me, clothed me, raised me, instilled Biblical truths in me, guided me, disciplined me, loved me,

Now I check on home, worry about home, assist with home,

Home taught me how to care for it before it ever even needed care.

Today home called.

& today it was just like old times.

Today home took care of me, asked me how I was doing, worried about me.

Today I could hear that old, familiar, home sound.

I recognized home today.

Home recognized me.

I could feel all of those things that home makes you feel.

I loved being home today and I am so thankful that home called.

I didn’t want to hang up because I wasn’t sure if I would recognize home the next time it called.

So I just tried to stay in that sweet moment for as long as I could.

Thank you Lord for my home on Earth.

Thank you for preparing me a home with you in Heaven. A home where dementia and sicknesses are absent. A place where time doesn’t cause confusion because it doesn’t exist. A place where tasks, such as praising you, are simple and not immeasurably harder than they should be. A place where frustration from brain fog is unheard of.

Thank you God for home.

For the home that I have always known.

For these moments where home is recognizable.

I sure needed home today.

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