When You Think About ChrisTmas…

When you think about ChrisTmas, I hope that your mind isn’t filled with sappy Hallmark movies. Although, who doesn’t like a festive love story? I want you to know in the depths of your being that there is a love story that is far more valuable than something Hallmark is able to think up. I hope your focus isn’t on Santa but on a Savior. They say hot cocoa and cookies will put you in the spirit, but there is truly no spirit more powerful than the Holy Spirit. And there is nothing that will ever fill you like the bread of Jesus. I pray that ChisTmas for you isn’t about a Christmas parade but about Godly praise. I hope that you don’t ponder on the presents but on the gift of Jesus’ presence. My prayer is that ChrisTmas is less about decorations and more about your devotion to our Lord. When you think about what ChrisTmas is all about I hope you remember that it isn’t about candy canes but about the cross. I pray that you don’t think first about Frosty but about the forgiveness that was so freely given. It isn’t about gifts, garland, and goodies, but it’s all about the gospel. My prayer, as your mother, is that I have not centered ChrisTmas around baking, bows, and bells, but all around Bethlehem and the birth of the most special baby. And when you tell your children one day what ChrisTmas was like for us, I pray that it is exactly what you are making it for them. Because it is not about traditions; it is about leaving a legacy that says that ChrisTmas is Christ-centered. The day that the most spotless and unblemished lamb was born to one day be the ultimate sacrifice for all. The precious lamb of God.

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