Ramona the Pest

I read aloud to my second graders after lunch and before their specials. We have been reading “Romona The Pest” by Beverly Clearly. In the story Romona starts kindergarten and her teacher tells her to “sit here for the present”. Obviously we all know that the teacher meant “sit here for right now”. Romona however, being the five year old little girl that she is, took it more literal and was waiting for her teacher To give her a gift- “present”. We don’t talk about God at school but that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t talk to me. Even if it is through a children’s novel.

Romona sat glued to her chair. Refusing to move because her teacher said to sit for the present. And that is exactly what she was doing. When the whole class went to view the coat room- Romona sat. She wasn’t going to give up that present.

I couldn’t help but to think about this in terms of God’s presence. Will we sit glued to our chair, refusing to get up, until we have recieved his presence. Does it mean that much to us to not do something everyone else is doing in order to be in his presence. How bad do we want it? Do we want it as bad as Romona wanted her present.

Did you know that if you intentionally ask the Lord to speak to you in your ordinary day that he will give you a revelation? In a children’s book…


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