What you are complaining about…

What you are complaining about someone else is praying for.

“This pregnancy has made me so sick. I can’t wait until I deliver.”

-I wish I was sick and pregnant.

“This job is so stressful”.

-somebody wishes they had a job to stress over.

“I have been to the dr 3 times this week with my screaming child because of a double ear infection.”

-I wish my child only had ear infections rather than what they are actually sick with.

“My car is ten years old and always has something wrong with it.”

-I wish I had a car to fix.

“It cost me 300$ to have the sewage pumped out”

– I wish I had a house that I could pump the sewer out of

“The grass never stops growing. It always needs to be cut”.

-I wish I had a yard to tend to

“The laundry is always a mountain pile climbing steeper and steeper”

– I wish I had nice clothes to wash

So how can I make a list of things that I am thankful for and a “negative pregnancy test” be number 200? How can number 173 be infertility? How can number 130 be what should have been my sisters 40th birthday?

It’s because number 99 was my child worshipping in church. And number 108 was a her laughing on the front porch. Number 123 was an apology note received from a student. Number 149 was a breathtaking sunrise.

The Bible says to be thankful in all things. Not some things. All things work together for the good of those that love and trust him.

Do you thank him for the “bad” things?

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