When God shows out…

I have really been struggling lately to find my hunger for Gods word.

Sometimes you just fake it til you make it.

So last night I was reading in the book of Mark about all of these miracles that Jesus had performed when he took human form and walked the Earth.

Me, totally not having it all together, sat in my bed and though “this is so irrelevant, how will I ever apply this to my life”.

I had an alarm set for me to get up in four hours to give my daughter more Tylenol for the fever she had ran for two days.

I laid down and prayed over her and I just said God, if you can do it for them then you can do it for her. I am not getting up when this alarm goes off because she will be healed from this fever. Scarlett gasped as if the fever had been taken from her little body and sure enough in four hours, she didn’t have to have any more Tylenol.

Now- she still had strep throat and thrush- she still had to go to the doctor and have antibiotics. I’m not denying medicinal practices but God took my irrelevant bible reading, made it applicable to my life, and then showed me that he is still on the throne- despite whatever funk I’m in.

I don’t know why bad things happen to good people or why Bad things happen in general. I don’t know why some prayers are unanswered and some prayers are answered with a no.

I don’t have it all figured out but I know one thing- that little girl was fever free from scripture I read that occurred way before she was even thought of.

Thank you lord for lighting a fire in my spirit and bringing me back to you.

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