When dead people still speak…

I heard you today.

You still speak to me.

You still have words that resonate on this Earth.

The prayers that you spoke have life.

I wish you could see the fruits from the seeds that your prayers planted.

I hear you saying that family is the most important.

I hear the forgiveness that you always had for people that wronged you.

I hear you referencing the bible.

The stories you told of the old days are still here.

Your life on Earth ended but your way of life is still speaking.

I one hundred percent believe that birthdays are NOT celebrated in Heaven.

Heaven is timeless. Celebrating life is a regular occurrence up there.

So I won’t say Happy Birthday today.

I just want you to know that you’re earthly life still speaks.

It still gives me words and wisdom.

Your life went beyond the day that the lord took you home.

It still speaks.

& Im realizing now, that the purpose of life is to speak beyond it, when it is no more.

You left a legacy for us.

Today would have been your earthly happy birthday and even thought you aren’t here, you’re still speaking.

Today I know that you are not celebrating your life but you are with the King of Kings.

It really is such a sweet treasure that when Jesus called you home, you didn’t stop speaking.

I pray that I can always here your voice, and that it will never faint out. I pray that your legacy and prayers will pour out to all of the generations to come. I pray that the seeds you planted in prayer will sprout to my children, and their children, and their children’s children; never silencing your voice. I pray that you echo throughout the years reminding us that you’re always there.

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